Pheonix Resurrected { Demon of Flame }

Mori no Akai Honou - { Red Flame of the Wood }

Mori no Akai Honou
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Name: Majeh
Known As: Red Flame of the Wood { the Mori No Akai Honou } - He is greatly feared by those in his village because he was killed when he was 13 when his entire family was trapped in their house when it caught fire. He somehow was resurrected by a long dormant power and because of it, he's considered demonic and shunned by almost everyone in his village. For a long while, he didn't understand why he was being shunned until he came into his powers and he learned that he survived because of the legendary power of the Demonic Twin Pheonixes. Once he realized his power, he became the Elemental Knight of Fire - the Mori no Akai Honou. He is one of five elemental knights (the others being Earth, Water, Light and Darkness) - sworn guardians of the Great Woods that cover the land.
Age: 19
Loyalties: To no one but himself. I figured he could be a combo of hero/villian/sidekick depending on his agenda.
Pets: The Ruby Phoenix and the Obsidian Phoenix, plus various elemental sprites that he meets on his journey.

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